“How are your prints created and what types of paper do you use?”
All Road Trip Creative prints are printed on Enhanced Matte-Smooth Finish using Hahnemühle – Photo Rag – Bright White paper.  These prints are fade resistant, museum quality, created with inks that will last up to and beyond 100 years. All print’s are created with a 2 inch white border that helps prevent damage to image area and allows for easier framing. All Limited Editions will have a front border signature, date and the piece will be numered per the edition.

“Do you offer canvas prints?”
Currently we do not create our prints on canvas but can certainly accommodate any requests and would be happy to do so. We have access to many canvas types that we’d recommend. Please contact us and we’ll arrange the creation of your perfect piece!

“Can I special order a print in a different size or color?”
Custom sizes- Possibly. Different colors? Most likely- Yes. Some prints may or may not translate well but we’re always happy to experiment and play around so just give us a holler!

“Are all your prints originals and your own work?”
Yes. All prints shown on our site and for sale in the print shop have been taken, edited and processed into a final digital negative by me. I do not sell others’ work and hope that mine is not being sold by anyone but me.

“Can I hire you to take photos of my horse, dogs or my kids?”
I do take private client sessions and would LOVE to work with you and your horse, kids, goats, dogs, and family!

“Do you sign all of your prints?”
No, only the limited editions are signed.