Hi,I’m Jennifer Hyduk.  Photographer.  Mom. Wife.  Animal Lover.
What’s my story?

BORN and raised in Southern California, now living in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Ocean and Desert.  The best of both worlds as I like to think.

I RODE my horse in the Hollywood Santa Claus Lane Parade one year.  I was a pre-teen, mounted drill team geek.

ROAD trip junkie. No Joke.  ANYTIME.  ANYWHERE.  Will drive and camp at a moments notice.

MARRIED to a sweet, but very Type A who thankfully puts up with my Type B-ness

A PROUD and devoted mama to a much loved and admired son Kelley, a lab-pit bull mix named Sidney and a feisty but cuddly   “chi-russel” (chihuahua/jack russle mix) named Little.

MY dream would be to own and run an animal rescue/people therapy center with an ocean view.

BEACH addict

HORSE, donkey and baby goat stalker.

BRUSCHETTA, Taco & Rose’ lover.  And Tequila.  I  Tequila.

LOVER of all things adventurous, risky, and probably not the best idea.


 Feel free to contact me for personal project availability!

I’m most likely available.

Ok- I’m always available.